Benson Labs L.L.C.


Here is a list of skills I can teach or help you with in your Hobby Electronics adventures.
I do not profess to be an expert in anything, but I do have many skills and talents.  
These are not in any particular order, just what first came to mind.
Soldering and working with wire.
This would include choosing your solder and soldering iron. How to prepare the components for soldering. Selecting the wire to use.  Wire cutting, stripping, preparation techniques, and picking the right tools.
Mechanical / Structural design and assembly.
There are many aspects to designing the mechanical structure of a project. A beginner should work from a kit to get started. When you have some experience then you can start building stuff from "scratch". Assembly techniques is about having the tools you need and paying attention to the details. There are also assembly tricks to help you depending on what you are building.

Electronic circuit design.
Designing electronic circuits is fun and simple to do. The subjects ranges from sensors, to micro-computers, from motor control to blinky lights and sound.
Some projects require custom programming, some have ready to to go code. I can help with a variety of programming languages and techniques.

First Person View
  FPV is an extreme visual experience. There is a camera onboard your craft. Whether it be a boat, a car, a robot, a plane, or a drone. The operator wears a set of goggles that display the image from the onboard camera. I can help you choose your equipment and give you an oportunity to try before you buy.

 Drone Racing
Drone racing is an exhilarating FPV experience. I have a little experience with racing, but I'm more of a sightseer. I like to zoom around and try not to crash. I can help you build or buy your craft, learn to fly it, and if needed repair it. I can help with all aspects of the sport.